Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tool Time: Cookie Scoop

Around Christmas time, my son and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond doing some shopping (yes that was over 8 months ago). We were looking in the gadget section and he picked up a cookie scoop that had silicon in the scoop part so that you could press out the cookies. He picked up 2 (one for him and one for me) and asked if we could get them so he could help make cookies - I said sure. We brought them home, washed them and then put them in a drawer and forgot about them. Last week on my day off, Aidan asked to make chocolate chip cookies and he remembered about the scoops, so we gave them a try.

What I liked:
So these were not that expensive - I think I got both for about $10. The concept is great, scoop, press and there is a perfect sized cookie. The size of the cookie dough that the bowl of the scoop holds is really good. They are easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher.

What I did not like:
They are not easy to use! The dough does not want to come out of the scoop - no matter how hard you push. My son thought they were great scoops, since the dough wouldn't come out he thought that meant he could he eat all the dough instead of try to place it on the cookie sheet.

I was really disappointed in the silicone cookie scoop. I was hoping that they would work and become a welcomed addition to my cookie making tradition. Alas, they will just be another item that takes up space in my utensil drawer.

Oh well, the cookies still turned out and were delicious!

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