Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whole Hog

This is not my slow cooker--mine is much less fancy!
I've been using my slow cooker a lot more than normal lately.  I don't know why I don't use this handy-dandy appliance more, but right now, I am in full-on slow cooker mode.  I've also been lusting after pork shoulder these days.  I'm not sure why, but that's ok.  Pork should is good.  Slow cookers are easy.  Combine the two and you get good, easy dinners that feed a crowd.

I'm making BBQ Pulled Pork as we speak (it's cooking away while I'm at work).  Earlier this year, I made Pernil--a recipe I found from Skinny Taste (by the way: If you are looking for recipes that are healthy, easy, crowd-pleasing and downright good, head over to Skinny Taste.  I love this website and visit it often.  There are so many good things to try!).

Two weekends ago, I also made Pulled Pork with Caramelized Onions.  The recipe came from Eating Well--I found it online and you can get it here.  Take a look at how it turned out.

It was sweet, tender, flavorful and fun to eat.  I served it with toasted Kaiser rolls, coleslaw, and chips.  It lasted three+ meals, and I fully intend to make it again.  The mister and I loved it, and I would really like to make this for my family (I know they'll like it!).

Sorry for the low-quality iPhone photo!!
I can't tell you how much I love using my stupid slow cooker.  I get the best food from that little thing.  Do you have a slow cooker?  If so, what's your favorite recipe?  Share, share!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green is the New Yum

For Christmas, my husband did a super nice thing and bought me a subscription to Cooking Light.  I love this magazine!  I'm always on the lookout for good recipes that are healthy and that will not be detrimental to my current weight loss plan.  Cooking Light never fails.  The January/February edition featured so many yummy sounding recipes that I created an online recipe file to keep everything handy (I hate dealing with clipped out recipes--they're so messy!).

As we all know, Super Bowl Sunday was this past weekend.  In our family, football is something other people watch.  I don't think I have ever sat through a Super Bowl in my life, but since easy, crowd pleasing football friendly recipes were everywhere, I thought I'd get into the spirit and whip up some chili for me and the hubs.  I turned to the January/February edition of Cooking Light and found Green Chile Chili.  Wow!  This is a winner.

Not only is it easy, but it's really, really tasty.  Plus--thanks to the Cooking Light folks--it does not have a ton of calories or fat.  My Weight Watchers plan and my taste buds send major thanks to CL

Click over to Cooking Light's website for the recipe.  I'll show you the creation of the meal in progress.

First, I got my ingredients ready to go.

I browned some ground beef in my trusty Le Creuset, then I added chopped onions, chili powder and paprika, followed by garlic.  (The kitchen smelled so good at this point...and the yumminess just intensified as I cooked along!).

In went a bottle of dark beer that I let bubble and reduce down until there was almost no liquid left.

Then I added salsa verde and chopped green peppers (the green of my green chile chili), crushed tomatoes and kidney beans. Everything mingled together for a few hours, then I served it with shredded cheddar and tortilla chips.

OMG--this was so yummy and so better believe I am making this one again!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello? Anybody Out There?

Good grief!  My sister and I officially suck as bloggers!  To our defense, it can be tough to find the time to cook, work, play, have a life, and blog.  This year is flying by and we've been lax.  Forgive us, but also cut us some slack.

I have a few posts lined up (in my head at least) and I'll have to prod Greta to get a-cooking.  Really, we're both awesome in the kitchen, even if time is not on our sides.

Check back here tomorrow...I'm going to share a kick-ass Chili recipe I tried out over the weekend from Cooking Light.  Plus I have some other tricks up my sleeve (I hope!).