Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Do you ever get obsessed with a recipe?  Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about how to throw certain ingredients together to make your ideal meal?

I ask this because I currently find myself fixated on creating the perfect Shrimp and Grits recipe.  Weird, right?  Especially because I'm not a Southern gal and I'm not the world's biggest fan of grits.  So what gives?   I honestly have no idea.

All this started last week.  I was hoping to whip up a quick and tasty shrimp dinner for me and my hubby last Sunday, before catching True Blood.  I found a recipe that called for instant grits...I could only find quick cooking.  The final product turned out OK...the flavors were good, but the shrimp was over-cooked thanks to my molten-lava quick cooked grits.  Oh well.

Now I'm back at the drawing board considering the recipe.  I haven't had a chance to get in the kitchen just yet, but I am fairly certain I know how to correct my mistakes from my past Shrimp and Grits attempt. 

I'll write up my final recipe (and maybe some of my outtakes!) soon enough, but before I do, I'm curious: if you've been obsessed with a recipe, what was it?  Were you able to satisfy your obsession and make the perfect dish?  How many attempts did it take?

It's funny how damn important food is to us, and how fixated you can get on flavor/texture combination!

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