Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Your Eat On!

Ok, Seattle peeps: Seattle Restaurant Week is almost here!  From October 17th through 28th (excluding Friday and Saturday, of course), you can get a three course meal for $25 (per person) at the over 100 participating restaurants. 

What's really awesome is that the participating restaurants are all around the Puget Sound.  Normally, it seems like all the "it" restaurants that get involved in Restaurant Week are confined to Seattle proper. But this year, a bunch of places up in my part of the world are on the list. 

My husband and I are taking off the last week in October (we always do--our anniversary is on Halloween, so a week of no work and togetherness is how we celebrate), so I am hoping to hit up some of these restaurants.

If you live in the Seattle area or are planning to be up in this part of the woods, be sure to check out some of the restaurants.  A full list of participating places (and more details) can be found here.

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