Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make it Better: Salsa

Did you know that salsa is more popular in the US than ketchup? And for good reason: it's got some personality. Apparently, it can also help kill off salmonella!

While jarred salsa is perfectly ok, you can make it better yourself. Instead of picking up a bottle of Pace picante at the grocery store the next time you have taco night, why not make something better...fresher?

Here are a few recipes to try:

Pico de Gallo
8 Roma tomatoes
1/2 red onion (or 1 small red onion, depending on your taste)
1 jalapeno pepper
2 garlic cloves
juice of 1 lime
4 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Seed and dice the tomatoes. Finely chop onion, jalapeno and garlic. Toss tomato, onion, jalapeno, and garlic together in a bowl. Squeeze lime juice over the chopped veggies and toss well to coat. Add cilantro and salt and pepper to taste; stir well.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. The flavor gets better if made a day in advance.
Pico de Gallo with Cabbage (a local Mexican restaurant makes something like this--it's really different and very tasty!) Note: this recipe makes A LOT of pico de gallo--adjust as necessary!
1 head of cabbage
1 large red onion
4 Roma tomatoes
1 bunch of cilantro
3 or 4 limes
1/4 cup sliced pickled jalapenos with 2 or 3 tablespoons of juice from the can
2-3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon chili powder
salt and pepper to taste

Shred with food processor cabbage and red onion into large bowl. Add chopped and seeded tomatoes, juice of limes and chopped up leaves from cilantro. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Can be stored in refrigerator for several days. Stir before serving.

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