Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Food seems to be tied to our emotional states. We use it as a way to celebrate - like birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, chocolate hearts & bunnies. We use it to define us - everyone has at least one dish that they are "famous" for, if you are lucky you might have more. We use food to bring back memories and to help us through hard times or to just come together. It is funny, there are times when I can close my eyes and taste a food - for me that is a craving.

When I am stressed, I tend to want greasy burgers and fries (with lots of sauce to dip in). When I am cranky, it's chocolate and when I am happy, I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen. Lately, I have been wanting those burgers and fries!

I am about to embark on a new phase of my life; I am leaving my job of 13 years and don't have any other plans for the future, yet. The funny part is that I am mostly at peace with the decision and that in leaving, I am looking to share the last few days with my coworkers and also to have some of the food that I have come to love and even crave. So now in my last days, I have been indulging in spicy chicken, chicken katsu with tempura & California rolls and my very favorite - gyros from First Hill Bar and Grill. I am even looking forward to my goodbye cake!

So on to the next chapter of my life and hopefully I can make some new favorite places with new friends and coworkers! Wish me luck!