Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coffee Break!

Arosa Espresso
1310 Madison St
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 329-5881

Today my friend took me out to coffee and a waffle - not just any coffee and waffle though, the very best in Seattle! My coworkers have been raving about Arosa Espresso and the "waffle man's" mocha's. Since it is my last week, I finally decided to give it a try and I wish I had much sooner!

We walked up the hill to this little shop (across the street from a Starbucks) and walked in to the smells of fresh made Belgium waffles and chocolate. Next to the espresso machine, there was a bucket of grated chocolate the the Batista used when he steamed the milk. There were also bags of the grated chocolate for sale - I thought seriously about buying one!

The waffles are coated in crystallized sugar and were truly scrumptious! Then there was the mocha! Liquid silk and the the chocolate was both bitter and sweet and unlike the syrup that most places use. I am a convert and would make a special trip to get another cup of this coffee! It really took me back to drinks that I had in Germany, where you were served little pieces of chocolate for your coffee - it would melt and add a new layer of flavor.

So, thank you Melissa and Lula for introducing me to Arosa Espresso! You were both right about it being the absolute best. If you find yourself on First Hill stop in and have waffle and a mocha or make a special trip - it is worth it!

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Andrea said...

The panini sandwiches are also delish!! And the mochas are to die for!!! I haven't actually had the waffles yet, but will have to do that soon.