Monday, June 14, 2010

To Market, To Market...

This past Sunday we got up early, had some chocolate chip scones, plums and coffee and then headed out to our local Farmer's Market! This was our first trip to the market this season and I am very much looking forward to going weekly as the summer goes on. I love the fresh fruit (especially nectarines, peaches and berries), kettle corn and people watching. Our Farmer's Market is in Everett and is along the marina, so the scenery is also beautiful!

I have really come to enjoy the Farmer's Market and love meeting the people that are selling, growing and making the items that are for sale. In some way, it makes me feel more connected to the community and also gives me the opportunity to try things that I might not be able to find at the grocery store. At today's market, I was able to try some fresh, homemade apple butter - it was delicious and still had little chunks of apple it (Aidan even liked it) so I bought some (it will be great in the apple butter cake)! We also got some kettle corn (for a certain little boy) and some pastries from the Snohomish Bakery. There was not much yet in the way of fruit, except in jams, dips and butters, but that should change as the weather gets nicer here. I definitely would like to get some of the fresh made cheese and Aidan found the Hawaiian shave ice stand, so we will probably have some of that too.

Another nice thing about the market is that there are not just foods for sale. There are also flowers, clothes, soaps, lotions, crafts, bird feeders, etc. It is really fun to see what everyone is selling (and buying).

soaps for sale

One of my favorites to look at are all the flower sellers. There are probably 5-6 booths that only sell fresh cut flowers!

If you have never been to a Farmer's Market, try and find one near you - you will hopefully not be disappointed! Remember to bring cash and bags to put all your goodies in. Also, go back - every week will bring something new and yummy!

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