Thursday, September 16, 2010

Greta's Best Picks

So yesterday Lydia gave you her views and they were all good ones (although i have to admit that I have not been to Tub's). Here are my choices in other catagories.

First up would be breakfast and the winner is (at least in my view)...
Patty's Eggnest! They are super delicious and serve a mean cornbeef hash - one of my absolute favorite breakfasts. Theirs is far superior to any that I have had and is served with really good hash browns and eggs (over-easy). They have a really nice sized menu too and you are sure to find something to make your mouth water. One of these days I am going to have to breakdown and try the gyros and eggs!

Next would be the best mocha and that is hands down, Arosa Cafe - they also have fresh made waffles to go with their mochas. They used shaved chocolate to make these and are unlike any other mocha you will ever have. I would go to First Hill in Seattle just to satisfy a chocolate craving. These are absolutely amazing and the waffles to go with them are also quite a treat!

Last up is my favorite doughnut shop and that is definitely Frost here in Mill Creek. They have everything from the simple glazed and cake doughnuts to the gourmet red velvet ones. I have never been disappointed by their offerings and used to take them to work as a thank you to my coworkers - they (and I) were always a hit. To this day, if I want to treat the family to something sweet in the morning, I head over to Frost for a little bit of yum! And yes, my personal favorite is German Chocolate - I love the coconut.

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Andrea B said...

So, when are you going to first hill to get your mocha??