Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dinner Fail

Everyone has had those times in the kitchen when they have a great idea (or recipe) and have invested in all the ingredients, has guests over and the dinner flops - BIG! This describes last Wednesday's meal - homemade pizza, requested by my son for his first day back to school.
I asked my son what he wanted for his big day and he said "Mom, cheese pizza and I want you to make it." I said ok, dropped him off for his first day of third grade and headed to Trader Joe's to pickup everything that I would need to make his request a reality. I got mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, pizza dough, pepperoni, and meatballs. I even picked up a chocolate chip bundt cake for dessert.

Now I have made homemade pizza in the past and it has always turned out pretty well. I have both made my own crust and used dough from Trader Joe's and in both cases, it worked out very nicely. This time, it took a nose-dive. I took out the dough to let is rest for 20 minutes on a lightly floured surface. Then I stretched the dough and attempted to make it in to a pie - I managed to put my fist right through it and use all sorts of words a mom shouldn't. This is what our family calls a "Pop-pop moment" named lovingly after my grandfather (who had no patience and would lose his temper).

Once I managed to get the pizza dough in the shape of a pie, then add all the toppings, I attempted to move it onto a preheated pizza stone (I even remembered to use cornmeal) and I had the worst time getting it on the stone. Finally, my father and I managed to get it on the stone and in the oven. I cooked it for about 12 minutes and checked it - it still needed a few more minutes so it went back in. After another few checks, the cheese was getting browned and I took it out. The crust was not done and it totally killed the pizza. I tried (in vain) 2 more pizzas and they all had under-cooked crusts. I did not like any of them - it was a total waste of toppings. Luckily, my son said he liked it!

The highlight of the meal was the wine and the cake. The cake was chocolaty and moist and everyone like it. I would totally buy it again!


Lydia said...

At least you didn't throw anything!

~she~ said...

I don't make homemade pizza but my Italian friend insists that you must pre-bake the crust (10 min.) with a light drizzle of olive oil and a small amount of sauce spread over it. Then you add more sauce, cheese, and toppings. Now I guess we know why she says that!

Andrea B said...

if Aidan liked it I think it was a success!