Monday, February 1, 2010

Surviving the Week

Being a working Mom, I have to get up early (usually at 5:30 am) everyday - including the weekends (Hockey!). In order to survive, I start my day off with lots of coffee. Now being from Seattle, you might think that means a trip to Starbucks every morning - well not so! Lydia turned me on to the wonders of a Keurig coffee maker and the joys of having fresh brewed coffee in seconds. This along with my Green Mountain Coffee Club membership makes mornings tolerable! I have found that the seasonal blends are my favorite and that when they are not available, either Lake & Lodge or Caribou Coffee are delicious options! Keurigs also make a nice hot chocolate and tea too. And yes, from time to time I do run off to Starbucks for a mocha!

Once at work, I rely on my Coconut Chai Tea for both its soothing aroma and its caffeine. I have found that I am quite spoiled with my Keurig coffee and that the options at work are good, but the tea is not as acidic and always makes my office smell exceptionally good! I usually get compliments on the wonderful smell and I am happy to share the goodness of a warm cup!
For lunch, I usually have a most delicious Lean Cuisine (can you hear the sarcasm?). Every once in a while though, I treat myself to a gyro and greek salad from First Hill Bar and Grill - a dive with wonderfully delicious food! I find myself craving these and whenever one of us starts talking about feta or gyros, the whole lab ends up placing an order! Most of my techs prefer the french fries with their sandwich, but I love the Greek salad dressing and extra feta cheese that comes with the salad. My mouth is watering thinking about the first bite - yum!

As I look at the start of another week and month (happy February), I also look forward to breaks in the day to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and the possibility of a fresh, hot gyro!

Please share your tasty treats that help you make it through the week too - I always love trying something new!


phairhead said...

Indian take out :D

Andrea said...

Oh man, a photo of a gyro from "the greek". I'm drooling! My vote is for the greek salad w/it & hold the onions. Work just wouldn't be the same w/out one. :)

Anonymous said...

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