Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cookbook Corner: The Southern Living Cookbook

May 2006 edition

This is my favorite cookbook. I have given it as a wedding present, shared many recipes and use it as my ultimate bible. Whenever I need an idea, this is the first place I look. I also use it often for its appendices, especially conversions and cooking times.

I have an older copy that is out of print - I think my Mom gave me this when I went to college (a long time ago). My copy has all sorts of stains, creases and spills throughout it. Every time I open it up, it makes a nice "sticky" noise

What to expect: 495 pages of recipes, 3 pages of Vegetable Cooking Charts and 4 pages of Appendices. This book starts off with cooking basics like napkin folding and setting the table, then moves in to appetizers & sandwiches, beverages, breads, cakes & frostings, cookies & candies, desserts, eggs & cheese, fish & shellfish, food preservation, meats, pasta, rice & cereal, pies & pastries, poultry, salads & dressings, sauces, soups & stews and ends with vegetables & side dishes.

I really like the extra information that each section offers. For meats it has all the different cuts and cook times, while the bread section gives tips on yeast breads & flour to use. If you are stuck, have food questions, or just want to learn tricks, this book has it all.

Oh yeah, it also has over 1000+ recipes, pictures and illustrations through it!

Best recipes:
  • Spinach Dip in Cabbage (I use a hollowed out sourdough round loaf instead), p.31
  • Blueberry Streusel Muffins, p.76
  • Monkey Bread, p.93
  • Pot Roast with Sour Cream Gravy, p.291
  • Vermicelli Pie (I make this with leftover spaghetti), p.341
  • Cream Puff Pastry (my favorite recipe in the book - I stuff them with ice cream & Dove chocolate sauce), p.372
  • Chicken Breasts Lombardy (my second runner up), p.392
Complaints: Squirrel Fricassee, p.331 - Ha ha! No really, this is an actual recipe - it is probably pretty good too, if you like squirrel.

Deliciousness Scale: 5 spoonfuls of yum out of 5!

My review is based on my 1987 version of this book. ISBN: 848707095. If you can't find this version, you can find the current version, ISBN-13 9780848731144.


Lynn said...

I have an older version of the cookbook that Aunt Lee gave me for my first anniversary and believe me it has been well used. Mine has a blueberry struesel muffin recipe that I have made many many times. Yum

Greta said...

Hey Lynn - does your copy have a dark brown cover? I know that recipe well!

phairhead said...

are the receipes fattening?