Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cookbook Corner: Savory Baking

I love baking cookbooks. I have several and always want more. Over the holiday shopping season, I noticed that March Cech's Savory Baking: Warm and Inspiring Recipes for Crisp, Crumbly, Flaky Pastries was on several "best of 2009" cookbook lists.

I am more of a fan of savory snacks and was excited by the prospect of a book dedicated only to less-sweet baked goods. Thankfully, my husband picked up a copy for me and I am eager to get baking!

What to expect: This book includes 75+ recipes and several color photos. The author takes normally sweet baked foods and puts an interesting savory twist on them. She also goes beyond just baked savory treats and includes a few items that could be main course dishes in their own right. The book starts off with the normal explanation and information about equipment and techniques and ends with a section on various accompaniments like sauces, spreads, chutneys, and dressings.

Best recipes: There are plenty of recipes I'm anxious to try, like:
  • Sour Cream and Dill Muffins (page 35)
  • Onion and Sherry Cream Turnovers (page 64)
  • Portobello Mushroom, Rosemary, and Shallot Cream Clafouti (page 101)
  • Thyme, Lemon, and Sea-Salt Shortbread (page 124)
  • Black-Rimmed Pistachio Wafers (page 137)
Complaints: None! Though I'd love to see more recipes and more photos. Maybe they'll do another version of this book since this one has done so well.

Deliciousness scale: 4 spoonfuls of yum out of 5!

This review is based on the 2009 edition, ISBN: 9780811859066


Stephanie said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog through Lynn. Love cooking/baking and dislike spending lots of money for mediocre cookbooks. Love the reviews. Thank you.

phairhead said...

not to be a complainy pants but lemon and thyme cookies/bread/scones taste yucky