Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breaking Bread

I recently read this blog entry from film critic Roger Ebert. If you have time, I hope you take a minute to give it a glance.

In his blog, Ebert (who's been battling thyroid cancer) states that due to surgeries he can no longer eat or drink. He goes on to say that it's not the food or the beverages that he misses, but rather the act of sharing a meal with family and friends...eating with people, talking to people, sharing and making memories...that's what he misses most.

Reading the article, I couldn't help but wonder how I would deal with not being able to eat or drink ever again. Sure there are times when I wish I could get my nutritional needs at the press of a button (kinda like the Jetsons), but I know I would miss flavors, textures, and all those pleasurable sensations I get from eating. And drinking. How weird would it be to no longer need or be able to drink a glass of water?


But I also completely understand why Ebert misses the act of coming together to have a meal more than the actual act of eating. Think of all the great moments in your life--of family gatherings, of holidays, of time spent with friends. How many of those memories involve food? Most of them, probably. Sharing meals is how we celebrate, how we get to know each other. And not being able to really be a part of a meal sounds so terribly sad.

Sure, you can survive with feeding tubes and IVs, but I know I'd really miss every aspect of eating. I hope to never be in the position Roger Ebert is currently in. I hope he got to have a kick-ass final meal before losing his ability to eat or drink! My last meal would include garlic, pasta, chocolate, and juicy berries.

Though the memories are sometimes better than the real thing, I think being in Ebert's predicament would be agony.


Greta said...

How terrible - I can't even imagine how I could live! Food is such an important and pleasing part of my life.

phairhead said...

there would be something horrible missing from my life if i couldn't eat or drink :(

hee! yr love of The Jetsons makes me smile