Sunday, December 20, 2009

About This Week...

Well, it's finally here: the week kids and kids at heart wait for all year long. It's Christmas week! Yay!

Since it's time for friends and family, we're all going to be busy eating. Greta has a cookie swap party set for today, Christmas Eve means dinner out and dessert at Lydia's, and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a big breakfast and an elaborate dinner.

We're going to be so busy cooking and eating that our writing may be a bit spotty over the coming days. We'll do our best to get posts up because we'll have plenty of holiday cooking comments and recipes to share.

In the meantime, we hope you're taking time to enjoy food, friends, and family no matter how you celebrate during the holidays!


Lynn said...

It sounds like a wonderful holiday you have planned. Looking forward to seeing pictures of all the cookies and the food.

Lydia said...

Thanks, Lynn! We'll be bringing the yum soon enough. Hope you have a great holiday!